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Как сохранить экскаватор как новый

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Независимо от того, что вы делаете, у вас сформируется привычка после того, как вы будете заниматься этим долгое время. Экскаватор - не исключение. Мы должны продолжать поддерживать хорошие привычки, и мы должны обнаруживать и преодолевать эти плохие привычки как можно раньше. Ниже мы подведем итоги распространенных вредных привычек вождения экскаватора.


После окончания строительства осторожно припаркуйте экскаватор.

Это не только вредная привычка, но и большая опасность!

Самое главное в экскаваторах - это безопасность. Некоторые операторы, независимо от того, ровная или неровная дорога, просто случайно останавливают экскаватор. Остановить легко, а вот начать хлопотно. Как проверить масло, если оно останавливается неравномерно? Как выпустить воду? Особенно, если экскаватор припаркован в опасном месте, разве это не рыть себе яму?

Правильная осанка:

The excavator should be parked in a flat, solid place that does not obstruct traffic, put in reverse gear and implement the parking brake. When necessary, such as parking on a ramp, the front and rear of the walking mechanism are cushioned with wedges. Turn the fuselage straight, the bucket falls to the ground, the working device lever is placed in the neutral position, and the driver can leave the excavator only after the windows and doors are locked.


When it starts, it will start when it arrives

As soon as you get in the car, you are passionate and full of energy. Do you have this habit?

Correct posture:

Drain the water before the excavator, otherwise, the water will get into the oil-water separator, or even into the oil pump, the oil pump will be easily destroyed. Whether it is winter or summer, the excavator must be warmed up first when it is started, but the warm-up time in summer does not need to be so long.


Turn on the air conditioner without closing the windows

If the indoor temperature cannot be reached when the doors and windows are opened, the cold pump will not jump, and it will be destroyed after a long time.

Besides, there is so much dust on the construction site, opening doors and windows allows the expansion valve to suck more dust and block it, resulting in poor air conditioning performance.

Correct posture:

Four words, close doors and windows


Always challenge thrilling moves

Don't take risks with your own body. Excavators are inherently dangerous and require stimulation. In online language, it means "no zuo no die".

Correct posture:

The excavator should put safety awareness first. When looking for excitement is not working, you should pay attention to the word "stable" when walking in the rivers and lakes.


Two legs in the cab and smoke

Although you think it's very awkward, don't do these things during construction. In case of an emergency, there is no time to respond.

"Safety comes from caution, accidents are careless"... Such a title is familiar, isn't it?



Excessive operation and friction are likely to cause machine wear, turntable bearings are also easy to wear, and at the same time, the safety valve of the brake hydraulic system is easy to jam.

Correct posture:

When the excavator rotates, the slewing clutch and the slewing mechanism brake are used to rotate smoothly.


The excavator inclines too much during construction

In this way, the oil pressure will not be able to supply, and once in a while, it will cause high temperature in the long-term, except for special circumstances.

Correct posture:

A safe and stable platform should be established before construction to enable the excavator to operate safely and efficiently.


The excavator turns off as soon as it stops

The engine temperature of the excavator is too high when the flame is suddenly turned off, and the water in the engine cannot circulate the water tank, especially in summer.

Correct posture:

Run at idle speed for 5-10 minutes, and then turn off the engine after the temperature drops.

Я не знаю, сколько из вышеперечисленных вредных привычек у вас есть? В любом случае вносить исправления еще не поздно. Маленькие поранят экскаватор, а большие поранят людей. Не шутите о безопасности жизни и имущества.